Workers’ union petition Ministry of Mining over safety concerns

By Kidega Livingstone

The Workers ‘Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining officials petitioned the Ministry of Mining to take serious the safety of workers amid the hike in the coronavirus cases in the country.

The union said the petition was a reminder that the workers at the sectors should keep social distances and use preventive measures as directed by the Ministry of Health following the increased cases of the coronavirus in the country.

Speaking during the submission of the petition to the ministry, the Chairperson of Executive Committee of Workers’ Trade Union of petroleum and Mining, Eng. Dut Baak Wol said that the workers were not maintaining the preventative measures set by the Ministry of Health.

 “The coronavirus petition we submitted today is to alert the Ministry of Mining that the workers should keep the social distances as well as abide by the preventive measures given by the Ministry of Health. We also want to alert them that coronavirus is not over and workers should be aware of the virus,” said Baak yesterday at the Ministry of Mining in Juba

Baak also assured the Undersecretary that the Union would be politicized on any issue related to the welfare of the workers.

He said the government should work on the issue of the salary delay and increment because the market prices are going up every week.

“The government should bring down the market prices because I am even surprised for those working in the government Institutions how they are surviving with little the salary that they are earning and some delay for two to three months,” said Baak.

In his part, the Deputy Secretary General of Workers’ Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining, Garang Mawien Ngong said that the union was to link the employees and employers adding they also trained workers on labour Law Act and Mining Act.

Chairperson of Sub Office of Wokers’ Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining, Salvatore Ater Buolo said that was the first step taken to create awareness on coronavirus for the workers,

He said the Union was aware that the virus has disrupted the work of employees that has created gap between the employer and employees in term of performances.  

South Sudan Workers ‘Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining is a legal entity established in February 2017 under trade union and organization Act 2013 and registered under Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Development on 1st July 2017. 

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