Workers Trade Union of Petroleum conducts safety awareness training

By David Mono Danga & Kitaba A Unango

The Workers Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining is conducting a safety awareness training to help empower and protect people working in the oil field from exploitation.

The Chairman of the Union Eng. Dut Baak said the workshop aims to aware the employees working with oil companies of the three major laws protecting the sector.

These laws include; the Petroleum Act 2012, the Mining Act 2012 and the Labour Law 2017.

“There is need to protect the people working in the oil fields. This is to ensure that our citizens are not exploited in whatsoever way. That is why we are getting a body to help present their cases whenever there is need,” said Eng. Baak yesterday at the Nile Petroleum Training Centre.

Dr. Yomon Santino Olwak who presented the Safety Regulation for Vulnerable groups said the workers can do their work without knowing the three laws.

“We cannot talk about safety of workers in the oil section without talking about the Petroleum Act, The Mining Act and the Labour Act 2017,” Dr. Olwak said.

He said this is especially important for the workers and the vulnerable communities.

One of the participants Nema Juoing, the Assistant Inspector of oil companies said that the situation of people living in the oil field was bad because they do not respect warnings from the oil companies.

“When they are told to relocate to another area for their safety they demand compensation. Which is not bad but the issue is they go and come back again requesting for compensation,” she pointed out.

She said that serious measures should be taken by the authorities to prevent outbreak of serious diseases because that could lead to a national catastrophe.

“They can be affected by dangerous disease that will affect all people in the country and before that happens, proactive measures should be taken,” Juoing added.

She added that some of the precautions are being ignored by the oil field residents making it difficult to control them and their animals from contaminations.

Mayar Majak pointed out that compensation perpetuates oil residence.

“Because they know that their claims are being settled, they turn it into ways of getting money,” Majak said.

The workshop funded by NPA brought workers from different oil companies that include; DPOC, GPOC, SPOC, Nilepet, MOP, MOM, and other staff working in the oil and mining sector.

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