Worker’s Trade Union declared public demonstration

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Worker’s Trade Union in Jonglei State had declared public demonstration until their demands are met by the state government.The Union demanded government to pay the salaries with 100 percent increment of civil servants with all the allowances which included nature of work allowances and the unified allowances.

Samuel Majier Lok, the Secretary General for the Jonglei State Workers Trade Union said that they triedtheir best to negotiate with the State Government on the reasons behind the alteration of the presidential order which was not being implemented by the State Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development.

“From our negotiation,movement fails to implement the demand ofthe Civil Servants and that led to the eruption of strike and peaceful demonstration calling the Government to respond positively to its people’s demand. As a result of our Demonstration, the Payrolls were prepared by the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resources Development by Payroll Officers and taken to the Ministry of Finance for chequeto be signed by the Director General but unfortunately the Director General refused to sign the cheque claiming that there is no cash liquidity,” Majier said.

Samuel highlighted to the general public and the entire government at all levels that their strike and demonstration was not politically motivated as well as ethnicity for those who claimed so, citing that what they needed was their rights as State government workforce.

Meanwhile, TuongMajok Deng the Acting Governor of Jonglei State said that the issues of civil servant salaries wouldbe handled by Presidency and the National Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Labour has selected a team to visit Bor and look into the matter of the civil servants.

On 17th of December, the Ministry ofPublic Service and Human Resources Development has assured the general Public that the increment of all Civil Servants‘ salaries based on 100 percent plus the allowances means basic salary times two plus the allowance to give a civil servants a gross salary that needed all the deduction to get net salary according to the new Salary Structure circulated by the National Ministry of Public Service and Human Resources Development as an implementation of a presidential order.

Last week, Jonglei State Workers’ Trade Union went on strike demanding their increment of all Civil Servant salaries based on 100 percent plus the allowances means basic salary times two plus the allowances.

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