Workers need urgent payment of salaries

By Akol Arop Akol

Some days ago, the Government decided to increase the salaries of the professors and lecturers at the universities which is a golden step of motivating them to deliver quality education that would shape the minds of the students with knowledge and skills that will make them hardworking servants for South Sudan.

Both the Lecturers and students welcomed the decision of payment and thanked the Government for having interfered in the Universities crisis which limited the campus studies where they have not lectured because of the low salaries and the increased tuition fees.

Again, the Government is trying to review the salaries of the civil servants in order to match the current market standard. They have been complaining and crying several times about their low payments but no one paid attention. They every time tell of how their few pounds salaries could not cater for the family.

Some of them live far away from the work places and they must take transport bus or keep footing daily. We are seeing how our civil servants are facing life, crossing distances under hot sun just to teach or work in the office yet the salaries given are not enough to buy a week meal, leave alone paying fees, treatment bill and recreational activities cannot be thought of.

It is a question that no one else can answer but the Government, to tell why the patriotic workers are economically being exploited and denied their right to receive wages equivalent to the work they are doing. It is a question, that can someone love a job where he or she is not respected and paid well? Maybe the ones in top positions enjoy because they have the voices to talk and demand for their rights. They are the ones who could write, poach papers and request money for personal catering.

The Government teachers, watchmen, cleaners, cooks, drivers and soldiers among others are the victims of the crisis. The heavy work that they do cannot allow them to look for a better well-paid job.

They only stay like that, bearing women shouting at them and children crying when there is nothing in the house. The soldiers and the police being the nationalists find it hard to take care of their families when salaries are not enough. Then how can they manage life at this critical time?

The weak ones may be tempted to rob and be bribed to get something. They maybe not get blames because they are also humans just like us. They need everything that supports life.

My view is that someone doing public duties should not be indiscipline. If it is a matter of poor working conditions, low payment, and abuse then one should retire and look for a better job where workers are respected and paid accordingly.

Someone as police, soldier or politician is a public personnel who is supposed to work for the interest of the people. They must not be the troublers and cause of fear in daily life. I am saying this because we have always seen how armed people move anyhow with weapons and uniforms which scare the civilians. We have also seen, heard and read cases about people being bribed from public offices.

In order to avoid bribery, corruption and theft, the government has to continue using laws against the criminals and protect the civilians to improve the life standard of civil servants.

The children of low paid workers should be taken care of, but due to lack of resources at home, they end up on streets begging and robbing. Are we comfortable with the image they are showing the world?

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