The Investment Authority has collectively suggested working with the Juba City Council to repair and improve the road-network in the town. Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer, the authority’s Secretary General is calling on the council for the two bodies to join hands for the good of the city. The authority is preparing for the event of the annual Investment Conference which is supposed to host a number of investment partners and dignitaries from across the divine and would wish that the roads and other basics were put in place before then. Preparation for the conference has been completed and awaits to be consented by the President before being put into action. The last conference of its kind was last held in 2013. This a supported move which the council should not let go since under the authority there are key players in the economic development who would want to see the city glitter in their eyes with the current art of amenities. In short this could be a God sent because there are those wishing to come and invest here who will just be happy to be part of the proposed and planned face-lifting of the city. It is time the city fathers start thinking of improving roads and delivering the required services to the residents and the general public. It is the goodwill and noble gesture for the investment authority to come up with such a proposal for a joint venture. Let the council grab the opportunity because at the moment they are struggling to make ends meet for lack of enough revenue. If all units of the government were considerate and work together for the common goal of serving the public, there would be very no potholes, drainage system would be in place, garbage spread would be controlled, there would be clean water services a 24/7 power supply and proper waste disposal which are the key to persuade and encourage investors.

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