Reports that Dr. Riek Machar is planning to tour parts of the country is a blessing which will bring the country together. It is a blessing because it will demonstrate that the unity government is set to work and address the country’s long standing critical issues. It will cement the confidence of the public that the unity government is working together against the same notion from the fire-brands who are full of speculations and rumours. The leadership and the presidency have all along affirmed the need to work and develop the country together. The same have always stood firm for peace in all parts of the nation. The leadership demonstrated the call by leading the peace process. It will boost the on-going process for Dr. Machar to go to the people and assure them that the government was not divided and they were all working together for the benefit and well-being of this country. Not otherwise. The common-man is tired of socio-economic crises and wants permanent peace to be able to go about their daily businesses. They want assurance from all in the political leadership that no more chaos and no more running away from home due to political differences again. It is therefore important that leaders including the presidency should go on to meet the people of the country to assure them that this time around there wouldn’t be a repeat of the past. Their tour should be directed by the love of the country and the citizens without any iota of doubt or suspicion. A new chapter of peace and togetherness should be seen to be leading the move forward to bring trust and understanding among all parties. Working together should build the trust which remained the cornerstone of the country’s development agenda. It is time to shun voices of discord that are out to derail the unity which has started taking off the ground.

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