Work hard to escape starvation-Artist

Dj Cent of the Kalam gurush hit

By Mandela Nelson Denis

“Jou Kab” is the latest song released by Dj Cent-the song that tries to advise all citizens to work hard to stand the waves of the current situation.

“The current situation is very tough and if you are lazy, you will face it rough,” he said. Jou Kab” loosely it means things are hard, or not easy.

The singer says people must work hard, to be able to sustain their daily lives.

DJ Cent appreciates those who work tirelessly; so as to have a brighter future and he encouraged them to put more effort.

“I see the struggle is real in Juba town, everyone is doing something, there is no more spoon feeding, if you wait for things to be brought on silver plate, you will starve to death,” the singer added.

In an interview with DJ Cent, the singer who is signed to Rock Stars promotions, he said that the situation is so challenging and does not tolerate laziness.

Rackara Emmanuel a big fan of Dj cent said the artist’s new song is very impressing

“The song impressed me; my only worry is that people do not listen to messages, if they could, this country would be better,” Emmanuel said

“Jou Kab” joins the black woman song among 2017 audios that Dj Cent has done.

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