Work for peace, not war

The term peace refers to a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or it is the state of living in friendship with somebody in the absence of disagreement. People should grab peace immediately to cease this terrible condition and for the development of the nation to take place without delay. It makes no sense when people talk about peace and no quicker actions are taken.

Without peace, the nation can never develop and nothing will ever change. People should not love money more than their fellow citizens. If people admire one another because of wealth or money, onetime it will get over but if a person loves another human like the way God loves us all, I believe that peace will always exist among us. We have to eliminate corruption and prejudice among others. We are also encouraging our leaders to be patriotic and have love for their people and the beautiful nation that they have all struggled for 21 years. People should not disappoint themselves by ethnic division which was not there in the beginning. Peace is only cultivated in our hearts and minds by having strong elements of peace which are love, unity, obedience, self-control, forgiveness and reconciliation amongst people. How will development be launched if workers and leaders consider amount of salary they would be earning. Do not take the job with an interest of becoming rich or powerful than the rest but take part in developing the country in one way or another. People should be employed according to the level of education and qualification that they have. As we can see, South Sudan is too slow in terms of development because of poor planning, laziness, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, illiteracy and misuse usage of money. But the major disease that should be treated first is tribalism, where people see one tribe as the cause of problems or tribe X is better than tribe Y. We are all the same South Sudanese and we will remain one people forever despite burdens, fulmination and destruction people make. They are only shame and great humiliation in the eyes of nearby countries and the world at large. Patriots should not judge their fellow citizens by the tribe to which one belongs but according to one’s natural personal behaviors not everybody is bad and people style up acuity.

Let people forget the events that had occurred otherwise the current challenges will not change debatably. This is what people will realize at the last minutes. People cannot solve the problems using the same mind which they used when creating them. Love and unity are the tools people should embrace, and then development will automatically start. Patriotism, togetherness and cooperation in all the development activities are the outstanding foundation for this young generation. As there is no peace and development in the country, the citizens are just victimized. Youths should not be the catalyst of this economic crisis like involving in robbery and theft in the country.

The more you will continue fulminating on social media, the more you are slaughtering the country as well as obstacles.

Peace starts with you and your neighbor. Selfishness with pride and despondency are the greatest ignorance people should avoid in order to open door of development. We may have different religions, different languages and color skin complexion but we are all belonging to one motherland, South Sudan. It is usual that when people are sad, they don’t do anything but just crying over their condition when they are angry they bring about change. Those who are one radiated by the infuse goodness of South Sudan should work together for the uplifting of the nation.

Experience keeps records in our minds and it is a great teacher that always teaches us a lesson. It is a waste of energy to be angry with people who behave badly just as like to be angry with a car that won’t move. Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans ahead. This terrible crisis should teach citizens to improve on social life. Peace is not something you wish but it is something you make and live in. It is something you are, you do and something that you give away without demanding it back.

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By Jovanto Aleu Garang

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