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The citizens of this country are hopeful that they will witness an inclusive government comes November 12th with all the oppositions on board. This time, the warmongers should rest in peace and allow the ordinary citizens of this country to live happily forever. The parties to the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan should work hand in hand for tranquility in the Republic of South Sudan. Our language should be soft because there is nobody at the moment who wants to advocate for war. The regional bodies as well should continue to engage the holdout groups who are not signatories to the Revitalised Peace Agreement to join the peace process. South Sudanese want to see that the holdout groups join the peace process as it is only thirty days to the formation of the Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity. This time, there shouldn’t be threats, conditions or preconditions on the road towards the formation of the Revitalised Government of National Unity in November. Threats will only give opportunity for doubting thomases to create rumours that the recently signed peace is not real. We don’t need a forest of words but a desert of facts from our politicians. Time for talking and blaming this side or that side should not be condoned. As a matter of urgency, the principal signatories will only bring real peace if they continue to have regular face to face meeting. We should always share a roundtable together in order to embrace peace and brotherhood. There, let peace begin with you and me as individuals then it will flow to the rest of your neighbors and the whole world,

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