Words of encouragement to my sons and daughters

By Paramount Chief Simon Soro Kenyi

Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters of the blessed Democratic Republic of South Sudan on earth in the middle of Africa in front of God under supervision of the Holy Spirit. Brothers and Sisters, it is well known all over the world that Peace and Unity are God’s constitution and any Nation living without Peace and Unity is against God’s plan on earth. So our Peace and Unity of our 64 tribes of our Nation has been approved by God and is now under supervision of the Holy Spirit, so all 64 tribes are now a one blessed Nation under one President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

I think all South Sudanese have seen the spiritual change the Almighty God directed our wise President Salva Kiir to return South Sudan Nation to ten (10) states including 3 Administrative areas.

So God Chose Salva Kiir to bring real peace and real unity at the grassroots where elders and chiefs are the direct link between people and

The main duty of the chiefs and elders is to spread the words that are directly relating to peace, unity and respect to one another. Many thanks to God for hearing the everyday prayers of the people of South Sudan that was thrown to Deep Ocean of complicated problems caused by some individuals in some communities. So the Transitional government under Salva Kiir is to make all that were impossible to be possible, and all that were difficult to be easy. So the transitional government is to fight hunger and diseases and to wipe out all politics for self-seeking positions.

So brothers and sisters, let the past mistakes be thrown up in air and be made ageless like the smoke forever and no more returning to suffer for unknown period.

Please let the people know that the 64 tribes are the power and beauty of South Sudan, there is no majority or minority in front of God, these 64 tribes are one nation, they are the majority.

Please let the people know that these 64 tribes only bear the name of South Sudan Nation, one system of government under one president Salva Kiir, one God for the 64 tribes to live as sons and daughters of one blessed family.

Long live real peace and unity of the 64 tribes.

Long live President Salva Kiir Mayardit

Long live all those who have been sworn and agreed in front of God that they will make South Sudan a peaceful nation.

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