Women’s ICT empowerment session attract over 20 youth

By John Agok

The digital rights are ideal in the contemporary globally, South Sudanese young women and men yesterday joined the rest of the world to celebrate theInternational Women Day on Tec Makers (IWDTM).

The group of 23 three young Women and Men attended a one day session on bridging thegap of the digital space to together fight misinformation and disinformation by putting to hold the cultural stereotype that prevent women and girls to access the digital space in the society.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Saturday AlithCyer the poet and an author said, “our Women and Men need to be sensitized on digital rights to reach gender equity in accessing the digital space and harmonizes the use of smartphones that access internet to go online equally in the Society”.

“In South Sudan context, there are some communities that do not allow the girls to access the smartphones for the fear of losing their dignity to prostitution. We urge them to provide equal opportunity to all in promoting digital era in the Country,” she said.

Cyer emphasizes on cultural stereotypes that she termed as the cultural shock!

“Some men who are supposed to be feminists in engaging women into Tec, turned out to be confused by cultural shock. They prefer to transform their cultures by marrying women who are illiterate and cannot be exposed to contemporary world,” she added.

However, in his presentation, Verna Joseph Zaki the chief executive officer (CEO) and Co-founder of Snap Recruitment and  Consultancy revealed that, to bridge the gap in digital space in the country Women in Informational and Communication Technology (ICT) should be ableto inspire the rest in the technology since in the near future, there would be high demand of these with technology background.

“In 2024 there will be a lot of job opportunities in technology that require more women globally. We do not want South Sudan to be left out,” she said.

Zaki also decried challenges women in the country faced in the digital era .

“Women misses a lot of opportunities in the events connected to online meeting simply because they ignored them preferring face to face meeting. Our Women are limited to visibility use of technology by only taking pictures and uploading them online than creating actual contents that educate the society ,” She concluded.

Last week the same youth attended the training on digital rights organized by Koneta, GDG and Defy South Sudan who are collaboratively working as Tec activists to fight Misinformation and Disinformation in engaging Youth in the Community.

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