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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

This coming Monday women all-over the world will be celebrating the International Women Day. Congratulation to all women of the world for making it be what it is today. Male chauvinists may not agree with me that women are the backbone and pillars of families in which firm foundation are built. A good disciplined home is only noticed through the efforts and behaviours of a woman. A good woman makes her man succeed in life. When and if a woman is dissatisfied that home cannot be a successful home.As the celebration approaches, there have been many engagements and activities to prepare the day. I want to take this special occasion to wish all women a successful celebration day which may turn out to bring in a new chapter for the well-being of mankind and the world. My aged mother Priscilla had her share in shaping and bringing us up under strict Christian background supported by my late father Peter Odoyo. Their struggle then to bring us up can clearly be seen inside the Odoyo family. My wife Jane has helped me move this far and be what l am today which l am proud of without reservation. This is why l believes that a good family fruits and success comes from a well nurtured woman just as the saying goes that behind every successful man there is a woman. When a man has peace, live without stress, no nagging and bickering, they will always want to head back home to his family and be with his loving one. Where these are absent men tend to spend most of their time in self-designed isolation with people who might not be of better benefit to them. History is in the offing and clear about successful men who have been supported and backed by their wives. We accept challenges posed but the truth must always remain that the success of the world needs peace and women are known for this peace.This year, women should be leading the fight against the COVID-19 worldwide. The pandemic has rocked and killed many people. When it will go or end is another matter altogether. For me and my house l trust my wife will take care of us and ensure we do not fall prey to this dangerous and silent killer virus at this time when the world has started receiving vaccines which some people doubt their effectiveness. The world is watching on its knees to see to it that changes in the approach to coronavirus are made through the international women’s day. The journey to success starts here and with hope and trust they will succeed.This year’s International Women’s Day campaign has chosen the theme “Choose to Challenge with the idea that a challenged world is an alert world and individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions. We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality,” the campaign states.

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