Women with disabilities demand equal opportunities

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Women with disabilities are urging the government to provide equal opportunities to them.

Roda Atanocio, the Women with disabilities representative to the National Conference said that women with disabilities deserve equal rights just like anybody else in this country.

Atanocio revealed that women with disabilities have been discriminated in many ways and that they are discriminated simply because they are women and they have physical disabilities.

She was speaking during the National Conference while discussing the recommendation of the implementation of the National Conference resolutions over the weekend in Juba.

“We are discriminated because we are women, and also because of our physical disabilities and all these have denied us many opportunities in the country as everyone like everybody can witness that we are not represented well in every level of the government,” Atanocia revealed.

According to Ms. Atanocio, persons with disabilities need to be capacitated adding that they are the most peaceful people in society and it is very important to involve them in the development of the country.

“I am recommending that there must be equal opportunities for the people with disabilities and that they should not be discriminated and we are calling for comprehensive education for everyone,” she added.

She said that those leaving with disabilities are also part of the society and women with disabilities in South Sudan need the development of their capacities.

She further added that women with disabilities could not do what they are meant to because they were discriminated, forgotten and were not supported.

“Therefore, through this conference, I am requesting those who are doing business, we also have women who cannot see but they are working in agriculture, therefore we need to capacitate them. We need them to work in hospitals, schools, churches and even the police because we have some cases in those institutions which need their help,” she reiterated.

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