Women welcome decision on ten states

By: Martha David

As President Salva Kiir revert the number of states to 10 plus three administrative areas, women groups have welcomed the decision.

Amer Manyong Deng, Chairperson of South Sudan women bloc said peace depends on the leaders of the country whether with 10 or 32 states.

She explains that the women need services and empowerment including health facilities, centers for women to develop their skills, economically, socially and politically.

“Since the decision of ten states plus 3 administrative areas can bring peace to the country, we are for it because we don’t want any more bloodshed. We don’t want our sisters, brothers, sons to die anymore, enough is enough. If they have accepted that the idea will bring peace, we have accepted,” she added.

Mrs. Deng urged the political parties to be committed to the agreement and to implement it in good faith.

She further called on the government to implement the affirmative action of the 35 percent for women and to be considered in the next government.

Susan Ajok Dut, a member of Women Bloc said women need peace to have development in the country.

She added that it was time for people to join together for peace and leave everything bad behind.

“We support the 10 states, it doesn’t matter whether 10 states or not as long as there is peace. We need peace,” she said.

She called on women to raise their voices and know their rights.

Fatima Abdalla Babikir said it was the right decision the President has taken to end the suffering of the people and bring peace.

 “When we make ten states, we would have reduced Government spending on governors, ministers and others. I am supporting the ten states,” she said.

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