Women urged to stand for their rights

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, commissioner of Yei River

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Commissioner of Yei River County, Central Equatoria State called on women to stand strongly for their rights and be empowered and recognized as fundamental pivots in human formation.

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said he recalls the progress shown by Yei women football team Joint Stars in securing two cups in the South Sudan football Women tournament which every woman should imitate for societal transformation.

“Women are important and fundamental in the family community and all levels. Women are very important in our families. They play a very vital role in the development of our families. Women are also fundamental in the setup of our communities. They also play key roles in every aspect of life,” He stressed.

He emphasizes fighting poverty in South Sudan and particularly in the breadbasket area of Yei.

He applauds women for women organizations in shaping the future of women in Yei.

“I encourage you to all embrace love and forgiveness, peace and unity. There is no way we can progress without working together, I want to thank the women for women organization for taking the lead in ensuring that our women are empowered, therefore,I call upon the trained women to use the knowledge gained positively in order to change their status,” the commissioner advises.

Many of the graduands appreciated the organization for restoring hope in women and families in Yei.

Meanwhile, the Area Chief of Sobe appeals to the county authorities to improve security in Yei and open up recreational grounds for similar training to be conducted.

He revealed that they awarded the four groups graduated by the organization a hundred thousand respectively.

Women for women organization has been conducting graduation over the week commencing from 29thof March and finally concluded on Friday, 1st of April.

The commissioner spoke during the graduation of over a hundred women and men at the Sobe center organized by the Women for Women International organization in Yei.

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