Women urged to spearhead peace process

By Bullen Bala

Women serving in various organized forces in the country have been urged to be exemplary by protecting vulnerable group of people in the country.

The call was made on Tuesday by Regina Ossa Lullo, the Director General and Acting Undersecretary in the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare during the training on leadership, peace building and trauma healing.

“What we need from you as women from various organized forces is to spearhead this peace process and bring unity in the country and protect the vulnerable group, especially those whose rights are always violated,” Ossa said.

Ossa said the training is very important for the women in various organized forces such as the police because they are the unit that protects the marginalized group of people.

She said the Ministry of Gender in collaboration with the UN Women has prioritized training of women in the organized forces on how to manage their work.

“This training will empower you and make you capable police personnel who will protect our people across the country,” Ossa said adding that if violence erupts in the community, it is the role of the organized forces to quell the skirmishes.

“In your community if there is some violence, be it in the family or in the community, police or army if you are there you are the one to go and talk to them and solve the problem.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Zeinab Yassin Hagelsafi, the Chairlady for South Sudan Women’s General Association encouraged the women from the organized forces to take the training seriously because they have a big role to play in the ongoing peace process.

She said the training will build skills of women leaders from various sectors in transformational leadership, peace building and conflict management.

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