Women urged to denounce idleness, focus on business

By Moyo Jacob

Women Agency for Progress Organization (WAPO) is urging women in Torit to denounce idleness and advises them to be productive through engagement in businesses that can help to support their families and relatives.

The Executive Director, Flora Sebit tells women in Torit particularly and Eastern Equatoria State in general to join different lines of businesses in order to live independent lives.

Flora, who also serves as Deputy Secretary General of the Civil Society Network in Eastern Equatoria State believes that when women are strengthened through capacity building, they will be able to prosper in their businesses.

When a woman earns money, she will always use it for the good of her children and family,” added Flora.

Flora remarks that men share their earnings with other wives, women share their income with their husbands, children and relatives only.

She also advises women in business to observe business regulations on how much to save and how much to spend to avoid incurring losses.

Flora further encourages the female traders to share with her organization, the challenges they encounter in their businesses to advice possible solutions.

She reminds business women to practice three aspects of business inclusive of record keeping, marketing in what she terms as customer care and management in order to boost their businesses.

Flora believes that when such commercial rules are practiced, prominent customers will be maintained.

She further advised the female traders to reduce their expenditures as that can deter their business growth.

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