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Women urge government to regulate market prices

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Women in Jonglei State have urged the national government to regulate market prices saying despite significant drop in dollar rate, prices in the market have remained high.

Mary Dokdit Chuor, chairperson of Jonglei State Women Association revealed that most of the business communities were still overcharging the local people though the exchange rate of the US dollar to the South Sudanese Pounds (SSP) was said to have been stabilizing.

Speaking during the celebration of the seventh independence anniversary at Freedom Square in Bor, Mary Dokdit Chuor said that the government was reluctant to interfere to regulate market prices.

”The government is not serious about the market situation. There is no tool guiding it. People are being overcharged day and night and we don’t see any justification from the business communities,” Ms Chuor said.

She revealed that people were still being overcharged though the exchange rate of the US dollar to the SSP was gradually reducing.

Ms Chuor explained that the consumers were still being overcharged and appealed to intervene to address complains from the ordinary people.

”This will help restore the resilient of the common people. Our local people earn very little salaries if the situation in the market keeps on increasing then what are doing,” said Ms Chuor.

”If US dollar was responsible for high prices in the market then why do we still experience the same high prices in the market though the exchange rate was reducing?” she asked.  “No! We must do something,” she added.



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