Women understand business: Investment boss

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese women have understood business more than men and they have taken up micro businesses in the country, Abraham Mamer Maliet, Secretary General of South Sudanese Investment Authority has said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Abraham revealed that men would learn from women how to do the business.

“The only people who understood business are the women and that is why we find them selling tea by the roadside, food and all other stuffs, this is what our people should do. Our men should join the race,” said Abraham.

He stated that small business should not be taken by the foreigners and you don’t need a million dollars to start business.

“What is killing us is we all want that huge money to start businesses but you don’t need a million dollars to start business, even with 100USD you can get started,” Abraham said.

He revealed that South Sudanese women have taken up survival tactics in the business by engaging in all sorts of business to keep their families alive each day.

Majority of women are seen roaming the streets hawking with bananas, simsim, groundnuts, sweets and other merchandise on their heads, something that is rarely done by the men.

According to Abraham, economy is the daily little business that people are doing that should not be stopped.

According to Investment Authority there are things that are only supposed to be done by the local people such as micro business, and postal services he told Juba Monitor

“The law of investment authority protects every investor in the country both local and international,” he said.


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