Women undergo Fistula Operation in Juba

 Mrs. Josephine Achol, at Lutheran Health Care after Fistula operation in Juba (Photo by Emmanuel Loro)

By Emmanuel Loro William

The Lutheran Health Centre has convened a one week fistula operations for women suffering from the Fistula disease and at least six women in Referendum residential area have undergone the operation already.

The ongoing Fistula operations are carried out by a group of Doctors from Tanzania under the supervision of the Director of Lutheran Health Care Centre, said Dr. James Sebit. 

Speaking to the Media at his Office on Tuesday Dr. James Sebit said the operation will continue for four more days and called on more women to register for the Fistula operation. He added that the surgery is being done for free.

Sebit said Fistula is caused by delayed delivery during birth and heterogenic cases when midwiferies try to give assistance and in the process the mother get harmed.

“A person suffering from Fistula will always have leakage in urine and sometime both urine and faeces,” said Sebit.

He further called on women not to deliver at home in order to avoid complications that may result to Fistula.

“Fistula can be prevented by visiting health Centre regularly during pregnancy. No woman should give birth at home,” he lamented.

Mrs. Josephine Achol was transferred from Wau Teaching Hospital to Juba to undergo the Fistula surgery at Lutheran health Centre.

Achol blamed the current economic hardships for making things hard for women to access medical serves adding that the economic crisis limits the needs of women during pregnancies.

She urged men to give support to their wives during delivery, “I urged men to support their women because they are the ones responsible for their care in order to avoid complications such as Fistula during and after delivery,” Achol said.

“I urge my fellow women not to delay at home when delivering. What had happened to me should not happen to my sisters,” she said.

Achol said her operation was not successful the first time and that she will have to undergo a second operation.

Dr. James Sebit, with a patient at the Centre

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