Women told to particapte in Vivacell competition

Nankabilwa Lesty has emerged the only female winner in the Vivacell competition.

She received the prize of a smart phone for being the third week winner.

The Acting Customer Care Manager of Vivacell, Martha Demach encouraged women to join Vivacell monthly competition.

She made the remarks during the handover ceremony of prizes to different grand winners of the competition in which one woman emerged the only female winner among men.

“Women should not under look their ability to participate in any competition. You should struggle to become winner because the competition is not only for men,” she said.

“This should not be the only woman in the competition but in any competition, I encourage women to take part,” Demach said.

Samuel Akoi Garang, a student who was the grand winner in the competition hailed Vivacel Telecommunication Company for its idea to keep the youth busy.

“The idea of this competition is great because it is keeping the youth busy and giving knowledge about things they never knew. For instance there are questions that are asked which require research,” he said.

“Doing research keeps idle mind busy. So, someone who might think of going for disco will reverse his or her mind and concentrate on answering the question,” Garang said.

Garang, who won a laptop, said he would use the equipment for doing research and other skills to improve knowledge.

Other winners included: Delicate Ohisa Cyprian, Francis Bambo, Buk Mayen Buk Piol, William Paul Peter and Stephen Oliwa walked home with smart phones as their prizes respectively.

Jacob Mausal Buol, a student studying engineering in the University of Juba was the grand final winner in last month’s competition.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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