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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Today is women’s day which is being commemorated and celebrated internationally. It would be wrong and very mean of me if l do not take this golden opportunity to recognize the well-being of my mother, Priscilla Obiero Odoyo, that old but beautiful lady who stood firm with us the Odoyos’ up to now our old age. We must thank God that she is still there for us and we do not take this for granted. It is my happiest moment to recognize the mother of my children, Jane A. Odongo who has stood with me all the storms that we have weathered together and continue to cherish and love under the name and love of our almighty Father, God the creator who has ensured our very existence in earth.  It is for this that l have to recognize all women of the world irrespective of their status in life and to adore them for the work they have been doing for each homestead and every man-kind in all parts of the world. We owe all these to God whom we keep asking day and night to guide us to be good people who care for one another and who value peace in all situations. Can we have global peace where all of us are able to be happy and inter-cross and inter-marry without looking at the color or creed? Time has come that women who are normally carrying the load of families and who are the backbone of homes should be given their rights and be empowered to be able to develop their own and themselves. I remember a saying in our tradition that “a woman is the home “without her there will be no fire. Without her there will be no children to play in the homestead and without her a man cannot live a normal life. It is not always easy to realize the important role women play in our lives and society until one takes time to understand them. In most cases, men shut their eyes to these roles. I for one support the cause of women to reach an independent goal of being empowered to take their mandate seriously. As women celebrate this great day they ought to understand that men are their partners who meant well to them. On this important day, we should stand up and salute women, our grandmothers, mothers, wives sisters and daughters who have in one way or another been pillars to our homes and nations. It is befitting that the move to this end is giving grey of hope to many and better still to the future generation. We are in full solidarity for your success since a country can only succeed when families remain united in peace and development.Today history will tell the very independent walk that women have walked globally. It all started somewhere in Beijing which was followed hotly with the Nairobi meeting then. It is the more reason to ensure women excel above to be able to unite the world.

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