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Women stand on land inheritance rights

By Emelda Siama John

Fifteen women from different backgrounds were trained on land inheritance rights and legal frameworks at Kapuri in Juba last week.

The program aimed at helping women in the country understand who has the legal right to claim propertyin case a husband dies.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Executive Director for Woman Foundation Sunday Mogga said Land inheritance had become man’s right and women wentmute on the matter for fear of being cursed.

 “In South Sudan most families do not allow women to inherit land. Few people have started seeing the importance of allowing women to inherit their land. We realized that women land rights is been decried because culture do not allow them to acquire land or inherit the property of the late husband,” she said.

She said that women had the right to own land duringthe training program that was first started in 2009 by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

Abila Reuben leading the groupsaid woman land rights should be focused on advocating of effective implementation of constitutional provisions to secure women rights.

 “The main purpose of forming this forum is because our country develop laws which end up there. They don’t go to the ground. We started up with an awareness rising to make people know that there is a land act in the country which encompasses the right of every citizen (to own land),”he stressed.

He added that customary laws do not favor women to assess land although they had the same right of inheritance.

In the country, land belongedto the community, the transitional Constitution, the Land Act and the local Government Act, all explicitly recognize women’s rights to own and inherit land and property.

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