WOMEN-Speaks ahead of international D- day

By Bida Elly David

Women representatives ahead of today’s International day have called on men, society, and Government to fully recognize their rights towards participating in a series of developmental sectors to mitigate gender-based violence.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Dorothy Dravuga the Executive Director for Human Foundation for Humanity said that day would be marked as a time to look out into the achievements they had obtained during the cost of time as well as celebrate the efforts they invested.

Dorothy added that apart from the celebration, they would like to make men and the government understand the equality between men and women toward resource ownership and leadership in the Country.

She said that globally, men had considered themselves as dominant but the day would mark a step where women demand their rights to be respected through the provision of equal opportunities whether in the society, government, and others.

She stressed that the day would enable them to call on the government to implement the basic laws that protect women’s rights as well as international conventions considering South Sudan being one of the signatories against women’s discrimination.

She said that women’s day would aid in transforming the society from crimes such as rapes, excommunicating females from the land title, and inheriting them after the demise of their husbands.

However, Elisa Nyathoi, Police Deputy Director for Female Affairs said that the day would be marked for women to be exempted from domestic services to rest and conceptualize.

She said that the mentality of male superiority in the society claiming rights over everything should be stopped and balanced because what a man could do, a woman could also do no matter how the circumstances might be.

According to her, women’s day would be where she would command her husband to do all the activities that she had been doing at home all along

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