Women speak out ahead International Women Day

By Mandela Nelson Denis

As South Sudan joins the rest of the countries around the world in commomerating the International Women’s Day,Juba Monitor caught up with some women in Juba city who spoke about women empowernent,domestic violence and other isuues that they want to be addressed.

Tukwajje Christine, a business woman said International Women’s Day should not be just an ordinary day where people come, eat and dance and go back home

According to Tukwajje, the day should be recognized by the government as a very important day with actions not words.

“South Sudanese women across the country should be given the chance to celebrate women’s day well and I hope that the government has allocated some budget for this day because it not just an ordinary day,”said Tukwajje.

As South Sudanese women celebrate their day, Tukwajje said she would like to see that the influential women in the country put more efforts on issues affecting women.

“Issues affecting women should be addressed so that the women can become strong and play their role in nation

building,”Tukwajje said.

Regina Jermano, a young lady said she dropped out of school due to lack of fees. She said the government should promote girl child education and provide scholarships for girls who want to study.

“I and the rest of the women who are celebrating this day I wish the day should take girl child education seriously and ensure that girls who cannot afford school fees are given scholarship,”Jermano said.

A 20-year-old former student of Nile Model in Juba added that the government should listen to the voice of the voiceless across the country who cannot support themselves.

Wenepaida Jenifer

Wenepaida Jenifer said men should allow their women to work saying there are women who are educated but are being denied employment opportunities by their husbands.

She added that if men could allow their women to work, their families would be happy.

“The idea of men denying their women to work should be reconsidered because both men and women have rights to work and own property,” said Wenepaida.

Wenepaida continued that girls who dropped out of school due to pregnancy must be supported and ensured that they complete their studies.

Taghrid George, the Secretary Dar Petroleum said women empowerment should be the first priority. She said the government should build more educational centers for women and adult education.

“It is the women’s day today but our government should know that women have a lot of issues that needs to be addressed including access to health services,”said Taghrid

Speaking on behalf of millions of women in the country,Taghrid said that as the world celebrates International Women’s Day, more emphasis should be put on development of health sectors.

Taghrid stressed the need for adult education so that women who dropped out of school would go back to school.

She said the government and other development agencies should provide soft loans to women to engage in micro business to support their families.

For Grace Aluel, an Information and Technology expert, the women’s day means nothing if girl child education polices are not implemented.

“I would like the government to promote girl child education and implement whatever laws that governs it,” said Grace.

For Carolina Michael, men should empower their women by giving them loans to start business; she said that it should not only be the role of the government.

“I encourage men in the country to support their women by giving startup capital so that they can be busy doing something for themselves,” said Carolina.

Carolina further said that equality amongst women and men should be promoted adding that both of them were created by God and all were important.

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