A foot for thought

Women should unite for common goals

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Catholic Radio Network (CRN) Organized a three- day training for women group in Juba and in the states.

The purpose of the training was to enhance their capacity building,understand challenges facing them in various places, advocate for their representation in news and programming. During the group presentations, it was said that women should have networking, effective communication so that it would help them to share idea and challenges facing them.

They need financial support to help them organize training to build their capacity. Many women were not getting training in the states, they missed a lot in terms of building knowledge.  They said that women representation in government positions were not enough. They need other young women to be given responsibility to lead in government sectors.

Women in government should deliver services to women in the grass roots, for the reason that they were elected by those women and promised to render services to them. Women leadersneed to build trust among them, it would help them achieve common goals in the lines of professionalism.  And promote better relationships between themand others through commitment and hard work. Women profiles should be prepared sothat they are known by others and it would benefit them to get jobs. Nobody would know them if they hide themselves and not participating in any programme.

It was suggested that women organizations should make sure that all issues of women were addressed and provided asolution. Some of them didn’t’ know how to address their challenges but should be supported.

However, they complained that women who are in Ministerial positions were not associating themselves with other women. That had made big gapbetween them and women in the grass roots.  Severally, women were presenting matters of women but not conducting meeting with the women in the rural areas.  This had made women in the grass roots to be unaware about what women are doing in the National level.  For them to know each other and have better relationship, women should work together and support each other. The training started on 13th and ended on 15 of this month.

May God bless us all.



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