Women in the country should help one another to articulate issues in the society including empowering their fellow-mates who wish to come up with self-reliance projects. Women as mothers of the nation bear the brunt of families and in most cases, meet horrible situations as they try to save their children, particularly during crisis.

This country has produced some of the best brains among the womenfolk. They have demonstrated that they could positively contribute to the national issues when given a chance. Women should be led with their fellow colleagues in the know-how to claim their places. It is important to inform the society and create programs that could be used to educate others against some cultural norms like forced marriage. They should come out ensure that their voices are heard by the public not because they know-it all but because they have a right to exist. The culture that a woman’s place is in the kitchen should be a thing of the past in the midst of women.

Those who need a hand to live positively should be encouraged and given both material and financial support. There is nothing that can stop women from talking with one voice and ensure their issues were tackled not only domestically, but in the national arena without struggle.

An advice to her may be just of the greatest and may change her life from being blind, and later resort to greatness. Most of them suffer because they did not have a chance to know what is right and wrong within their domain. The perception that women could do nothing nationally should be removed from the minds of those thinking so and remind them that during the liberation struggle women played key role and stood to be counted alongside men.

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