Editorial and commentary


It is pathetic that when something good is coming some people have to come up with issues. This time it is the women who are struggling to derail what is almost being achieved. Women Bloc and umbrella body which has been seeing the unity of women from 2014 for the all inclusion in the necessary slots are in the middle of leadership raw. They have made stride this far and have been included in the 35 percent slot within the just signed peace agreement. Women are known the world over to be mothers with responsibilities to the family set-up. What should be of paramount right now is for their unity not disunity. With due respect women folks should shelve or put aside their internal differences and work to support one another. Where things have gone wrong right now should be pointed out among themselves and handled with care for their own benefit. It is not befitting right now days when they are required to give or provide the necessary guidance to other womenfolk. This time around, everyone who was involved in the peace process in one way or the other in whatever volume or capacity should stand to be counted. Let reason(s) prevail and let the women leadership see the light of the day resolve their issues amicably for the good of the country. We need a sober situation to handle and celebrate the pending peace celebrations earmarked for the end of this month. Leadership of the Women Bloc should not extend their differences outside the box for the sake of peace and stability which they themselves have been praying and longing for. We all need this peace badly, the more reason(s) why everyone would wish to see to it that peace is restored in all parts of the country. Let peace prevail among individual women organizations which are under the umbrella of Women Bloc.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Our heartily discussions were centered on one topic, Peace, because a committee had been formed and mandated to arrange the celebrations scheduled for the end of this month. It was with relief that President Salva Kiir had extended invitation to regional and other world leaders to come to Juba to witness the peace celebration ceremony on 30th October 2018 in the capital city. This was reassuring because all parties who signed the peace agreement would attend and all those who are of the same wish and mind would be there to see the progress. There was need to remain solid and be identified with the positive peace process. It cannot be wished away that this fact was far overdue and the country had to return to its development agenda immediately the stability was noted in most parts of the country. At this time around, those top states appointees managing the affairs of their institutions from Juba must call it a day. Most of the Governors and State government officials who act through state coordination offices must pack and go to their respective positions. They must be with the people, work with the people and listen to the people from the ground not from Juba or any other urban centre. This will create confidence in the mind and body of the common-man that their leaders were always with them and attend to their concern as soon as possible (ASAP). This should not only apply to state government officers. It should apply to even elected leaders who are fond of hibernating or taking shelters in urban centers under the pretext of official duties. There must be a stop to this, it cannot be forgiven because in the past it was the issue of insecurity, but now with peace, there should be all inclusivity. The common-man is also human being who has a feeling of pain and joy. The government officers and elected leaders should be there for them when it is good and when it is bad. Selective application of the law should be avoided and instead all be treated equally. For now the language should be peace and nothing else even if your skull of thought and mind were set or vested in a different direction. It will only be conclusive and candid to all on the positive way forward. Let there be sincerity and let public servants and political leaders operating in the city and other urban centres be in touch with their institutions and jurisdiction on the ground. This also goes to our womenfolk. Let them clean their house and move forward in the right direction. This time around there should be no internal squabbles or infighting for leadership. Sober minds should lead the way to peace and prosperity. There must be sanity among all key players as we move towards writing the past history. There must be honesty at this time when we are all focusing in the future well-being, the present and the next generation. God should always be our adored protector in every situation befalling our situation at any given time. It is only then that we shall know how powerful prayers can set us free. It is the wish of the majority which God has already answered that there must be peace at all cost that there will never be a repeat of the past and that all inclusive must live in one country as brothers and sisters , a one people a one country.




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