A foot for thought

Women should fight for their rights

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The National Press Club South Sudan (NPC-SS} organized two days’ workshop on Gender Mainstreaming started on 23th and will end today 24th of November, 2021. The aim of the workshop was to orientate and build capacity of media regulators, academia, media Associations and Gender mainstreaming. The other objective was to improve capacities of regulatory and legislators bodies to support media industry, to promote policies intervention and to improve gender equality in media operation.

During the presentation, it was said that there is need to increase women participation in media industry in South Sudan.  Men should give attention to gender equality. This should start right from the families and it continues in the place of work.  They will be given key positions in government and private sectors in the country. They should be educated and encouraged from time to time.

There will be mechanism of promoting women from the grass roots to the high level. They should be educated and work hard in any position given to them. They are to identify challenges facing them and get solutions to the problems. Women mainstreaming required efforts from women themselves and supportedby men who promote women activities.  However, in most cases, media report women in negative way, for example, violence against women, rape cases, sexual harassment and much negative information about them.

Such report undermines women in their positions, people look at them in negative ways. On the other hand, women ignore other women who are in high positions, in government and private sectors. In the family, women roles were seen in traditional ways, not considering her   education and equality with men.  She has to do domestic works in the family, imposed to her because it was considered her work in gender.

   Women were group according to their gender and analyzed in the way they were being treated culturally. Gender needs to be put in place and advocate for their right.

It was also said that, several men were suffering under women leadership; they are not saying it due to the culture that it might have reduced their dignity in the society. According to some cultures, women cannot lead men that affect the work of women in various places especially those in high positions of government institutions.

May God bless us all.

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