A foot for thought

Women should continue with peace events

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

the Inter – communal peace traditional performance organized by women Aid Vision has positive impact for Mvolo County and Yirol West County of Lakes state. There conciliation between the counties brought celebration which ended with traditional dances among people of two Counties. Women are great peace makers in the country and they know how to bring people together.

They should continue mobilizing people and preaching peace among them. It is not for the first time women entered in the history of peace. In Juba, women were organizing peace prayers every month under the leadership of South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC}, it had started long time ago and still is continuing because there is no total peace in the country.

Yesterday there were a group of women who went to pray for peace in one of churches within Juba.  They were moving from church to another. Therefore, women should be supported in any moveof peace programme based on what they are doing.

I am sure if women continue advocating for peace, in the near future peace will be realized in the all parts of the country.

Women by nature were for peace because in any situation of conflict, they were vulnerable with children. That was one of the reasons that made them to be serious with responsibility given to them by leaders.

Women know how to mobilize their fellow women in the grass roots; it is time for government to involve them in peace programme. If women were given full responsibility, by this time people could have been enjoying the fruit of peace. They know how to forgive and talk with people who have broken hearts.

They want everybody to live in peace and harmony. The way they brought peace in two communities was big achievement in the states. I hope those people will continue living in peace and interact with one another.

Peace starts with individuals, goes to family, community and the country at large. Let us be peace makers in our places.

May God bless us all.

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