The notion of disregarding women in the modern societies must stop at all cost. Women are fellow human beings equal by nature. They are not foreigners from another planet, but equally created by one God. Many at times women have been complaining about harsh treatment by men and probably undermining on how affairs should be executed. However, in the modern era, women have become clearly potential assets proving those who use to doubt them wrong. As such emphasis should be focused on empowering women capability. Currently, women are becoming resourceful in whatever activities going on around the globe. The traditional habits of dispersing the status of a woman are so crude which must be discouraged because such mentality can derail the capability that is in the person of the woman. Let there be concerns to address the challenges women are still facing particularly in Sub-Saharan countries where women are seen as second-class citizens and push far walls. It should be noted that women are cradle part of the society. The old time saying, stated that, “Behind a successful man, there is a successful woman.” That means the power of a man is in the woman. Women should be supported, encourage and mentored so that the country can have a balance leading. Naturally, women are known for their quick and candid decision making which requires also cooperation from their counterparts. Let’s join effort to support women in leadership such that decision making in any leadership forum is shared instead of being dominated by male counterpart in power. During the celebration of International Women Day, women leaders kept on reminding governments and private sectors institutions to ensure that women rights, participation in leadership matters is honored. Women are competent to deliver services equally as men.

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