A foot for thought

Women shared challenges facing them

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday Female Journalists Network (FJN} organized a forum that brought women from media houses, political women in ministerial positions and women in civil society to discuss challenges facing them. The guest of honor was Hon. Angelina Teng, the Minister of Defense in Transitional Government of National Unity (T-GoNU}.

During the discussions, it was found that women have a lot of challenges facing them in various offices. It is not only female journalists who faced problems in the field but also in other offices. However,regardless of th epositions they are handling, they have less respect in the offices, society, community and the country at large.

It was also found that female journalists are facing challenges in accessing information in the offices and especially women who are holding political positions. Therefore, it was resolved that woman in government positions should allow female journalists to get information from their offices.

They should give chances to female journalists to interview them so that people know what they are doing. Their voices should appear in radio, Television and in the newspapers. They should not keep quiet with the challenges facing them. Female journalists were encouraged to remain strong and report any challenge facing them. They were advised to do their work like any person in the field. Issues of harassment, intimidation and others should not discourage them. And not thinking that journalism is bad career. It is better to understand their problems and get solution for it. Keeping quiet cannot help them; instead it would give chances to some people to harass them.

Women in political positions were also advised to open their doors to female journalists to coverage information about them. By publishing their events, it would reduce problems facing them in various areas. Nevertheless, it was suggested that such forum should be organized monthly to bring women leaders together and continue sharing problems facing them. Women were encouraged to attend any forum organized for them to build their capacity.

May God bless us all.

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