Women selling vegetables beaten by City Council

By Martha David  

Women selling food items in Konyokonyo Market say they were beaten by the city council authorities on Monday morning as the authorities implement the Presidential order on the coronavirus.

According to the order issued, shops selling food items and other essential items were allowed to operate partially.

But the women-most of whom sells greens and vegetables say the city council authorities have violated the order saying they were beaten and chased from the market in the morning hours.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Aida Sebit, food items seller at konyokonyo Market said the women cannot stay at home and die of hunger rather than coronavirus.

She added that the government should distribute food from door to door like other countries to prevent women from coming out.

“As we were here yesterday, the city council came and disorganized us the whole day, they said they don’t want any greens, they don’t want anything here; they don’t want us to work. We were tired the whole day, we were not happy,” she said.

“If it is the issue of tables, let them bring us tables we will not refuse, if it is spacing we can distance ourselves, let the Government provide us with food so that we can stay at home and protect ourselves,” Aida added.

Another woman who refused to be identified said the government should provide food to everyone if they don’t want people to get out from their homes to sell in the market.

“Government should be taking care of us the citizens but nobody cares, if you see here, most of those women are single, they are the fathers and the mothers and everything at home. Is that how the government should handle its citizens? She questioned.

Mohamed Deng Abdallah, an eye witness said the women were being beaten and chased away from the market in the morning.

He added that it was not normal for the city council to violate the Presidential order.

“The city council came with their sticks and started beating people selling food items in the market. The worst thing was that the simple women selling food items were beaten and humiliated by the city council, this is not acceptable,” Abdallah added.

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