Women scale up fight against dependency syndrome

By: Martha David

As some strive to make ends meet on daily basis, a group of women has decided to establish a business association to support them and make things a lot easier.

Hard Working Women’s Association (HWWA) which produces items such as chalks, charcoal lighter, liquid soup, and composed of 35 members says the initiative aims at breaking the dependency syndrome among the members.

In an exclusive interview with juba Monitor, Chairperson for HWWA Charity Rufes Taban said dependency is not helpful for women, adding that women should get involved in business instead of staying idle at home.

She encouraged women to do work rather than depending on the husbands who goes to work every day to put food on table.

Charity said some women are just at home in the kitchen and in case they are out, they are rumour-mongering in the neighborhoods, a bed habit she said women should desist from.

“To avoid rumors, you have to be busy, with something that helps, like our Association, even though there is no profit, it is important for development purposes,” she stressed.

Rufes said women play a big and critical role in the societal development.

“Women are the majority in South Sudan; if they join hands together they can develop the nation,” she said.

She urged the government to stand by women and to provide support for them to be able to deliver capacity building to other women who are not engaged in the business.

“We need the government to stand by women; we are very sure if the government stands by us we shall grow big  and do something for the nation,” Rufes said.

She pointed out that the aim of the Association is to bring more women to the business to develop their skills and empower them to be self-reliant.

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