Women role in disseminating peace

By Anna Nimiriano

The role of women in disseminating peace is very important at this moment. Women have been meeting in various places discussing ways on how to support government in the peace implementation. Some of them are in ministerial positions encouraging women to embrace peace. Last month women leaders from the SPLM-IO, SSOA, FDs women coalition, OPP, civil society, women Bloc and other groups agreed that they would disseminate messages of peace to the grassroots women.

During the launching of peace campaign, they said they would translate some words in simple languages for women to understand easily. For example “Timu Ana means enough is enough they needed peace.”  Women should understand that in simple Arabic, because people of South Sudan are tired with conflict, they need peace. However, suffering of women in this country was due to lack of peace, particularly those who got married during the war.

During the conversations, positive solutions were suggested on how to overcome the challenges affecting them in development.  Women leaders agreed that they should move from state to advice women to help each other. If there is peace in the country, developmental projects are possible to be initiated. Many investors supporting women programmes should be available in the country;several of them would go to the states to train women.

It is their responsibility to simplify the document signed on peace and explain to women what it means.  And on return, to hear from the women of the states what they want to be done. All those conversations were very important for peace messages. Some may demand for small business projects to support their economic status. Others may need to improve their education standard and health system. Among the women, there were also famers who needed to be encouraged with modern technology to improve their production.

During the celebration of International Women Day at Nyakuron Cultural Center, the hall was full of women from different groups, listening to their leaders talking to them about the importance of the International Women Day being celebrated during peace time.

I am happy to hear that women leaders are still organizing International Women Day at the state levels to explain to women the meaning in simple way. On 20 of this month, Society of Daughters of Mary Immaculate and collaborators, at Gurei are going to celebrate the International Women Day.Government officials, Church leaders, Indian Ambassador to South Sudan H.E S.D. Moorthy and others are expected to deliver speeches to the women. I hope women will attend the celebration in big number for their benefit.

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