Women reject peace agreement without all parties consensus

By Kidega Livingstone

The non-partisan women representatives to the IGAD-led South Sudan peace process have rejected any peace agreement without the full consensus of all parties to the process.

“As women we will not accept a peace agreement without the full consent of all parties to this process. We recognize the tireless efforts of the mediators to attain sustainable peace for South Sudan,” said the ten women in a press statement on Monday.

They urged the mediators to refrain from subjecting the parties to signing an agreement under pressure “We want to categorically state that the people of South Sudan do not deserve an agreement that cannot be implemented,” they said.

They said that their expectation is that all parties should remain high with hope and confident that the negotiation process shall yield peace if the interest of the ordinary people is placed above that of individuals and parties.

“We on behalf of the people of South Sudan remain seized of the process and are resolutely watching,” the women added.

They commended the parties for signing the Khartoum Declaration Agreement on 27th June, 2018, especially the agreement on the Transitional Security Arrangements on 6th July 2018.

“We call on all the parties to adhere to the agreement on cessation of hostilities and silence the guns and resist any tendencies to violate truce. We recognized the daunting challenges that parties have at this point in time after going through six long months of negotiations and consultations. Indeed parties at this time have no choice but to make the most daring concession during the process. We want to assure parties that history will judge those efforts fairly,” reads the statement.

On the occasion celebration of the 7th Independence anniversary group of women urged the parties to show the citizens that they have remained   true to deceleration of independence in which citizens committed to contribute to international peace and security, regional stability and resolution of conflict through peaceful means in accordance with the United Nation Charter, Constitutive Act of the African Union and International Law.

They further said parties to the agreement can do so by making a quick   conclusion of the process and render use of violence a hopeless pursuit for solution for South Sudanese problems.

The women representatives comprised of Ms. Zeinab Yassin, Pauline Riak, Racheal Mecheak, Atong Amos, Amer Manyok, Koiti Emmily, Victoria Achol, Stella Bagho, Rita M. Lopidia, Mary Akech and Siham Osman.



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