Women protest city council’s order

By: Sheila Ponnie

Hundreds of women selling edible goods at Konyo konyo market yesterday blocked the road to protest against their relocation to the new market.

The women blocked the road for about four hours that paralyzed activities at the market.

They blamed city council for evicting them from the place where they were selling their second hand clothes and vegetables.

“City Council chased us out and closed the market. Where do they expect us to go? This is where we raise money to feed our children. This is the reason why we went to the road,” one of the vendors Asunta Kaku told Juba Monitor.

“We closed the road because we want the government to come and see what we need because they are chasing us, where should we go?” she asked.

The women said the new place given to them by the City was too small to accommodate all of them.

Susan Kamilo, one of the vendors who accepted the new market given by the City Council claimed that those who took to the street were greedy as they wanted to continue selling their goods along the street.

“We need the system of the government to be in place. They said there are no tables yet they had been provided with tables. We have been collecting money so that the council set for us a good market,” said Kamilo.

“The government should put us in one place. Those women don’t want to give money for development,” she added.

Deputy Mayor for Physical Infrastructure and Development, Thiik Thiik Mayardit said the women should be blamed for causing confusion along Kony Konyo street.

“These ladies have been given a place but they don’t want to admit that they have a place. They were supposed to say we have the place but it is too small,” Thiik said.

“The blocking of the road was not right because nobody is going to accept somebody who does not believe in the regulation because these are not people who are responsible human being,” he added.

Thiik stressed that it was not a big problem but just a misunderstanding among the women.

He explained that people of Kator had promised to provide a place only for second hand clothes, adding that if the place was not enough then they could accommodate themselves in other empty markets within Juba.

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