Women Parliamentary Caucuses seek support from Partner

Women Parliamentary Caucus posed group photo

Over 30 Women Parliamentary Caucuses, yesterday held a strategic meeting on how to brainstorm and address the functionality of the caucus, in a bid to strengthen the operation and platform for women’s political consensus building.

In the opening remarks, Alinare Kamingera, Senior Gender Advisor – Coordination and Humanitarian Action assured Women Parliamentarian support in all its political facilitation and in building their capacity.

“As you deliberated today in this meeting and come out with an action plan, please be assured that we as your partner will support you in every facilitation deemed necessary. Be it, women’s political consensus building and strengthening the capacity of women leaders. I am pleased that Women in South Sudan have shown 50% of power”, she said.

The outgoing chairperson of Women Parliamentary Caucus Mrs. AbukPayitiAyik decried lack of support on previous administration of parliamentarians and UN Women due to unfulfilled financial reports, during her two tenures in the office.

“We are here today because UN Women want to support us. Because of my two years tenure in the office, we did not get any support from UN Women, since they rejected our proposal due to unfulfilled financial reports between the former parliamentarians and U Women”, she said.

The Strategic meeting of Women Parliamentary Caucuses was facilitated by CEPO in Collaboration with UN Women International.

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