Women on media advocacy strategy

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Women stakeholders in a three-day workshop discussed ways of enhancing their participation in the forthcoming general elections.

The discussion focused on how avenues such as media could achieve the women’s agenda. The consultations facilitated by UN women aimed at empowering, strengthening, and building women on the use of media; under the theme “consultation on UN women’s media advocacy.”

Speaking on the sideline meeting, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for ProgressOrganization (CEPO) Edmond Yakanisaid women should start using media for their visibility to prepare them in the forthcoming election.

“Women have a big role to play in our society while on the view, they need to be invested on, to give them an opportunity of making their own space to start preparing for the forthcoming election”.

He added that the current women in power should start setting agendas for themselves to help the aspiring young women to step in their shoes.

“Women leaders should start shaping an agenda to send a correct narrative to the society now because it would help in guiding the aspiring young women who are interested in politics to have good direction and to start to make their own decision”, Yakani said.

Catherine Juan, the former minister of land, housing and physical planning said that media was playing a great role in building everyone including aspiring of politician.

“Media plays a great role, especially to the aspiring politicians who are preparing for the upcoming election, so let use the media in the right way and let not shy away from it”, she said.

On the same note, Gertrude Ayaa Lubanga, the coordinator for women’s consortiums organization said that newspapers should be kept for future reference.

“We are not friendly with reading books, neither are we friendly in reading newspapers.We are supposed to keep these newspapers for reference and not throw them because next time, new stories may come up and you would definitely use them for referrals,” she added.

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