Editorial 13th May 2018

The world over celebrated WOMEN’S DAY yesterday with the theme of this year being “Press for progress”. Last year it was “bold for change.” Our women joined the celebration with little enthusiasm because of lack of basic requirements. They could not afford for themselves and their loved ones due to the current economic situation facing the country. It is not their fault or anybody else, but the situation has been dictated by the international market forces. What is important at this time women are pressing for progress is for them to equally participate in different sectors of economic development. If they should make their priorities right and instead of leaning on men for their survival, start entrepreneurial with the aim of turning their touch to success. There is very little being done about agriculture. Many families do not even own kitchen gardens. They wholly depend on buying from the market what they can locally grow behind their own houses or homes. Women can bring this type of change if they participated and took farming seriously as a business. They should engage and make men understand fully that something good can come from the soil. Not only from oil- field. The agricultural potential in almost all parts of the country cannot be over emphasized because it is real and can turn the country around and towards positive development instead of reliance on oil production. The Government through the leadership encourages participation and development of other sectors for the generation of non-oil revenue. Agriculture is one of them and available for almost everyone because one way or another each has his or her original background at the rural set-up. And since women are the majority in the grass-root, they should lead by example. They can do it individually or through organized group. The success story would soon be realized. It should start now.


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