Women League Match interrupted in Aweil Freedom Square

By John Agok

On Saturday, match schedule between Juba Supper star women team and Aweil Women team was shamefully interrupted by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs after withdrawing a player known as Aluel Messi before the match kickoff.

A move that triggered a riot from fans of Aluel Messi and the hooligans surrounded the Minister vehicle hindering him not to take away their talented player Messi.

However, Minister Majongdit argued that, he went to collect his wife who left a baby of three month old alone in the house.

Majongdit admitted that police fire a gun into the air just to scare the fans and disperse Aweil residents that turn up to watch the match.

According to an eyewitness in Aweil, the match was postponed due to this circumstance and it isnot clear whether the match will be rescheduled for a different time.

The matter was regarded as traditional matter and nothing police can register as the crime but only local football officials condemned the act which interferes with their football match.

This may interfere with the ongoing South Sudan Women standing table below:

South Sudan women football league was launched in February 2021 and that its inception in the Country. SSFA President Francis Amin and Dr. Albino Bol the Minister of Youth and Sports were both presence during the inauguration of the League.

In 2019 the very Aweil women team crowned champion after beating Juba Supper Stars in Wau football stadium in the then South Sudan Women Cup which is now formed to be South Sudan Women League.

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