A foot for thought

Women leaders to unite and cooperate

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday Female Journalists Network (FJN} organized a workshop for women leaders and Female journalists to discuss issues pertaining to women in civil society, journalists, and Parliamentarian women in the country.

One of the objectives of the workshop was to launch a Media Policy to guide female journalists in their work and great good relationships with women leaders.

During the panel discussions, it was mentioned that there is no unity and cooperation between women in the Media, civil society, and Parliament in terms of coverage. Women’s stories were not appearing on the front page of the newspapers and no profiles were done of women leaders.

However, it was said that some women fear to talk to journalists which hindered the stories of women published in the newspapers.

Lack of interest in reading women’s stories and knowledge about women’s affairs is to be eliminated.

It was recommended that journalists should do their work professionally to avoid unnecessary mistakes.  Women in Media, civil society, and women in Parliament should cooperate, unite and work together to raise the voices of women in the country.

Women in Media should profile women leaders and women who have done well in communities to inspire others.

Women leaders should work friendly with the media and accept journalists to cover their events so that their voice is hard.  The workshop was positive; it brought many women to share their challenges in general.

During the closure, the Minister of Defense Hon. Angelina Teny said sometimes women were problems to them and need support. We need change that can allow women to progress in their work.

Women should respond positively to any call provided to them for training. If they were asked by journalists, should give information not keep quiet which cannot help them to progress. They should be organized in their work and attend any training organized to them to build their capacity. The launching of media policy was the beginning of women’s growth.

Many good words were said to support working relationships among women leaders in parliament, civil society, and media.

May God bless us all.

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