Women lawyers ready to support inmates

By RofinaTeteng

South Sudan Women Association said they were ready to support inmates whose cases were not being handled and pending, especially women, and teenagers who had been in prison for a long time.

The Association donated a bull, food items, and personal needs to inmates mostly women, teenagers and children during their visit to Juba Central Prison. 

Speaking at the Prison, during the Easter celebration yesterday, Major General Bak Anyar Longar Deputy Director of Juba Central Prison said the Women AdvocatesAssociation would stand in for women who were unable to hire lawyers to follow their cases.

“I wishthe Ministry of Finance would be here because they said there were no people in prison. Even food is a problem. It is the responsibility of government because they are the one who brought them here,” Maj.Gen.Longar said.

“Our role as a prison within prison unit is to take care of them that is why we have provided vocational training which has all departments and graduated many who are now responsible people working with different organizations,” he added.

The Deputy Chairperson for Women Advocates Association in South Sudan Basfila Banisto Loro said they had decided to visit the inmates in the Prison to celebrate Easter Sunday with them.

“We want to make awareness to those who don’t know their rights and deal with small issues that can be solved like issues of money and violence against women,”she added.

Senior Legal Counsel Representing Minister of Justice and constitutional Affairs Sarafino Simon Mizansaid other organizations had forgotten to support the Inmates in the Prison.

“Being inmates doesn’t mean that you are a criminal. Some of them are innocent but just because they don’t know their rights they are here. There are those who are criminals but they are outside Prison, “Mr. Mizan said.

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