Women in civil society call for fair representation

By: Martha David

The civil society organizations and the national Dialogue steering committee have come together to reach consciences in the form of communiqué of the resolution of the National conference and to share draft outline of the agenda of the committee to get input.

Women in civil society organizations have called on the national dialogue and government to make fair representation of female in the society and institutions

 Justice Azonye from South Sudan Law Association   said women empowerment was the key to promote gender equality which must be used adequately to empower them in the society.   

She said women had complained several time on issues to do with employment opportunities of which they had been categorized into four areas to get jobs.

“ If there is professional  woman or you  are important in political arena  you  must be a wife ,in law ,girlfriend ,relative and if you have not met those four conditions you will not get a job ,therefore we the women need the leadership of national dialogue to be serious in this issue.” she said

Amer Manyok Deng from women Block Organization said the positive contribution of women were always ignored in Africa male dominated society.

“We South Sudanese women want you to strengthen our capacity to be able to know their rights because we must make sure that clear signal is sent out to advocate for women’s right.” She said

Ms Manyock said the role of women needed to be recognized in everything and the 35 precent affirmative action shall be made compulsory, adding all positions had been occupied by men which means there was need to change for change and allow culture that “ every two people discussing issue, one must be woman”.       

 Zainab Yassin the chairperson for Women Union in South Sudan said women had been suffering in this country and there was need for peace to prevail.

“I would like to urge the government to  review the cases so that they can contact the civil society on any position for woman or man ,because we have files for every person we know who is the right person in the right place ‘’She added

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