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Women held dialogue on gender equality in Uganda

By Martin Manyiel Wugol.

South Sudanese and Ugandan women at NkumbaUniversityover the weekend held women’s dialogue on gender equality under the theme “Generation equality, Realizingwomen’s fight for an equal future”

The event was attended by women leaders from University to share their experience regarding how to achieve the reality of “Generation Equality”.

Atong Mary,South Sudanese student at NkumbaUniversity said that women equal opportunity to participate in nation-building could serve the entire nation for better Africa and South Sudan in particular.

 Kibuuka Diane, Women RightsActivist urged men to treat women with utmost care and respect for society to move on and for future generations to value the difference of treating women as part of the society that are equal to men in building successful Africa for all African people.

Diane called on the community to ensure absolute protection from cases such as sexual assault from their male colleagues at the University and places of learning in society.

Challenges facing the girl child in accessing education, provision of services for girls to achieve their dreams of achieving education by protecting them from all sorts of problems that might make it extremely difficult for women to realize their expectations.
“According to statistics, it talked about 129 girls are now dropping out of schools and something urgent need to be done just to avoid such number continue growing because future of girl child assessing education is essential,”.

On behalf of South Sudanese students at Makerere University Ms. Awate V.Hakim said that women have a chance in the community to participate and be recognized as equal members of the society that deserve rights and privileges like amale child in the community.

Awate V. Hakim appealed on women to take action instead of waiting for men to fight for their rights and the time was by then for women to reposition themselves and face thechallenge for a better tomorrow.

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