Women football tournament kicks off in Magwi

Magwi Women football team posed for a group photo at Magwi football ground

By Lodu William Odiya

The inter-Payam women tournament has yesterday kicked off in Magwi County to promote women football and enable the county to select its women football team.

The tournament which was organized by south Sudan’s ruling party (SPLM) brought about eleven women football teams to participate in the competition.

The president of the Magwi Payam Local Football Association (MPLFA), Mr. Okullo Peter said that they started the idea two years ago due to the insecurity that has thousands of people displaced in the country.

He added that people could not coexist peacefully with other Payam in Magwi due to the trauma caused by the war.

“People were running to the camps and we sat down as MagwiPayam football official and came up with the resolution of organizing football competition for reuniting the people”, Mr. Okullo said.

Okullo added that it was the third time the competition in been organized in Magwi County adding that they guaranteed that the tournament would be organized every year.

“Our major target is to heal the trauma that was inflected by the war in 2013 to 2016 and our next objective was to reunite people who have been scattered due to the insurgency here”, he said.

Okullo further added that football was one of the strongest instruments they used for bringing the youth together.

“People from the different Payam, those ones who ran to Uganda and Kenya are coming back to play”, Okullo added.

Angel Laker Omex, one of the female players also on her Facebook page urged the girls not to take football games as their way of dropping out from school.

“I encourage you, young boys and girls, in Magwi not to see this football as a way of dropping out of school. , how are you going to keep your wife in the future, I know there other things you can do apart from schooling.

Omex said they are the future of this Nation and they have a long way to go while

encouraging both boys and girls to study.

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