Women encouraged to educate girls on human rights

By Bullen Bala Alexander

A woman activist is encouraging South Sudanese women to take this International Women Day to make awareness and educate girls on the human rights in the country.

Angelina Ban, the project officer for Active Citizens South Sudan said while celebrating the women’s day, her organization took the day in order to educate more children to understand human rights.

“Right to life, liberty and security of person, right not to be held in slavery or servitude, right not to be subjected to torture or inhumane treatment all are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of law.”

She made the remark while teaching over 30 primary pupils including some teachers in Mangateen on the women’s day celebration yesterday.

Angelina said that when students and pupils were taught about their rights, they would know where to stand and claim their rights in the society.

“As women of this country are pushing for 35%, I would like to encourage them to continue doing more awareness to the young ladies in the country and all the grassroots levels so that they know their rights,” she said.

“We should be the ambassadors of peace and human rights, we should be there trying to create more awareness for us to avoid this harmful practices and cultures against women in the country,”

“We encourage active participation in all the corners like in all gender; because when everyone has clear understanding about the human rights he/she will know exactly what is it.”

She also encouraged togetherness amongst men and women to learn from each other adding that both depends on each other, there is no one who can survive on his or her own.

John Moluk Kharay, the deputy school officer for the Bright Academy Primary school who spoke on behalf of the school thanked the Active Citizens South Sudan organization for taking the women’s celebration day to educate more young girls about their rights.

“Educating young school girls about human and women’s right is more important than simple celebration of women’s day because you have given them knowledge that they will not end today,” Mr. Moluk stated.

Angelina Nyiriak, a primary eight pupil at Future Primary School expressed her happiness to the Active Citizens organization for initiating such a program to teach the school children about human rights.

“I think if such awareness is widely done in the country some of these issues of human rights or violation against girls will be solved in our communities especially the issue of child and forced marriage,” Nyiriak said.

“It is only if I know my rights, I will be able to claim it and likewise for someone to protect his or her rights unless the person understands what those rights means.”

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