Women empowerment is needed

By Awadia Abem

The leaders and the African Union should ensure that African women are put at the forefront of everything. There is need to create flat forms for African women as well as empowering young ladies to replace the old ones in the leadership.

To achieve this, we must ensure and advocate for sustainable education to produce quality leaders because all those African leaders like the Hellen Johnson, former Liberian president, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Julius Nyerere of the United Republic of Tanzania had studied in a better school.

Women in South Sudan need to work in order to fix themselves on the international scene. We must work hard to be counted among the African women. Those in the leadership also need to work hard to empower fellow women who are in the middle to reach the thrown of leadership.

The government should ensure that due respect and recognition are given to women not just the hearsay of the 35 percent affirmative which does not exist practically.

The government and the media should create a better hope for the women in South Sudan and Africa as a whole.

Women in Africa and South Sudan in particular have played a greater role during the liberation struggle. They acted as heads of the families while spouses were in the bush fighting the oppressive Khartoum regime. Some participated directly in the conflict as they fought along their male counterparts.

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