WOMEN-Demand two percent oil share

By Yiep Joseph 

Women yesterday demanded that two percent of oil revenues be allocated for empowerment programs in the country that was aimed at increasing women economic growth.

This development came in during the National launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence held in Nyakuron Cultural Center.

The event that was officiated by Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior Vice president for Gender, Youth and HumanitarianCluster,Aya Benjamin the Minister of Gender Child and Social welfare, Esther Ikere Undersecretary in the Ministry of child and Social welfare and other officials revealed women’s demand for the two percent oil revenues to be allocated for women empowerment programs.

Ikere, Undersecretary in the Ministry Gender Child and Social Welfare called on the government to allocate the two percent of oil revenue for women empowerment.

“Since oil is one of the major revenue earner in the country, we are calling for a share for women empowerment and particularly we are calling for two percent to be allocated for that purposet “Esther appealed.

“The need to allocate part of oil revenue for women empowerment is relevant and in conformity with national Gender policy” she added.

She revealed that the ministry was mandated to promote gender equality and empowerment of women

She called on different sectors to be involved in ending gender basedviolence and not to leave the ministry to fight it alone.

“We need the health sector, the police, justice, community leaders and even parents to take part in the fight” she expressed.

“Women are stakeholders in this country, they are part of the society and women contribute over fifty percent of the total population in the country” she revealed.

She revealed that the Ministry was working hard to establish women enterprises fund.

She said that the best way to end gender basedviolence in the country waswhen all sectors joined hands in the fight.

In the closing remark,Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior who presided over the event called on both men and women to respect each other in order to reduce cases of violence in country.

“Respect each other as boys and girls, as men and women, and take good care of each other as one family which would also reflect love for the country” she said.

She added that her cluster was working hard to end Gender Base Violence and ensure women economic empowerment through Women Enterprise Funds.

However,Minister AyaBenjamin reaffirmed government commitment to ensure that women enterprise fund become true

“We are all working with the partners to ensure that women enterprise fund become true” Aya said.

She called on the citizens to join hands in order to realized sustainable peace in the country.  

SivKasparsen,Norwegians Ambassador to South Sudan urged the government to ensure accountability for those  involved in crimes against women’s  rights and called on the government to ensure that women’s demand for two percent oil revenues for empowerment to be fulfil.

“The fight against Gender BasedViolent is a collective responsibility,I wanted to recommend for the government of South Sudan to put more efforts, thepolice unit and the court should ensure accountability to end Gender BasedViolent” Siv said.

“I urge the parliamentarians and Civil Society to strongly debate tomitigate that women empowerment was not an issue that  concerned only women  but the whole country” she added.

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