WOMEN, Demand to know peace status

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Women believers prayer group network under South Sudan Council of Churches [SSCC] have questioned government and parties to the peace agreement about the current status of peace in the country.

Speaking during prayer and fasting over the weekend at Kworijik church Luri County in Juba, the national Coordinator for women prayer program Agness Wasuk Sarafino said their focus as women was to see that peace prevails across the country.

“We as women started our prayer with hope that one day peace will come to South Sudan. My message to our leaders is that we don’t get tired of prayers and we shall continue to pray,” Wasuk said.

She said leaders should show concern on women since they were most of the victims of war.

“Our question to them is that, are these women not their mothers, are they not having mercy in their hearts for these women who pray day and night, kneeling under the hot sun for peace in our country?” Wasuk questioned.

The women leader said the matter of states and boundaries should not be a stumbling block to peace adding that it should not divide the country.

“What are the states, South Sudan has been there without or with states we will still be South Sudanese. On top of that we need peace and unity of the people of South Sudan and the states should not separate us,” she reiterated.

She called on the government to allow South Sudanese to choose what number of states they demand stressing it would be unfair if decided by one or two parties.

“Don’t let the states be a problem to peace in South Sudan, and is not someone from outside to determine our peace and our states, we know who we are.

Let the people of South Sudan choose how many states they want, not two people, not one person,” she urged.

Mama Lily Richard, chairperson of women prayer group South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) said the prayer the women held was to thank God for peace.

“Our prayer for today is for thanks giving, believing that peace has come. It is enough, we are tired, children and women are suffering,” she said.

Lily revealed that they had conducted prayers for peace in different occasions even at the state house stating that leaders should listen to prayers if they were to be at peace.

“They hear what we are doing and we have gone twice to J1 and held prayers, and I hope these prayers have reached them, but they don’t want to say that they have heard.

We have gone to state house twice and prayed with the president, and he said, you come here I am happy I am going to close the holes of guns here with your prayers,” she explained.

She said they as women do not count days towards the formation of new government next month saying what they want was just peace. “Our message is we do not count days, other people are counting days. We are praying that let

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